New Lorne Genome Conference Women in Science Award

If you are in the field of genetic research in Australia then you are no doubt aware of the Lorne Genome Conference held annually in Lorne, Victoria. Registrations for the 2015 meeting are now open, as are applications for numerous awards offered as part of the conference. These include the usual Travel,  Student and ECR awards. However, this year they have launched a new award to acknowledge a women researcher within 10 years of PhD (full-time equivalent) who is excelling in the field of genome organisation and expression (and there is a $1000 prize!). The Lorne Genome Conference Women in Science Award will be awarded at next years conference in February.

It offers a wonderful opportunity to promote the excellent research done in this area by many female scientists. The financial prize will also be useful to assist in carrying out research or to attend a conference. At Franklin Women we are all about celebrating the wonderful contributions made by women in health and medical research and encouraging women to put themselves out there for the accolades they deserve - so what are you waiting for, get going on that application!!..

They close soon on 31st October. All the information can be found on the conference website and it has also been added to the list of resources in the members area of the FW website.

Good luck! FW

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